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Double skin cleansing

a real deep clean

If cleansing is an essential gesture for the health of the skin, double cleansing of the face is a technique that offers spectacular results in terms of preserving its youth and the radiance of its complexion. The technique to follow.

What is it exactly ?

Usually, we remove make-up and clean the face in a single gesture either without water with a make-up remover - milk or micellar water -, sometimes followed by a toner, or with water using a foaming cleanser. For example.

“Double cleansing” is a procedure that removes make-up and cleans the face in two stages, one after the other. We start by removing makeup, then washing the face, which allows you to combine the benefits of both actions. Make-up removal is done first with an oily formula such as a make-up remover oil or balm to eliminate oily impurities such as make-up, excess sebum and certain pollution particles.

Cleaning is then carried out with a cleansing formula such as a foaming gel to rinse or even micellar water, with or without rinsing.

The advantage of double cleansing is to eliminate 100% of impurities: the oily formula will dissolve oily materials such as makeup and dust stuck on the surface in the layer of sebum and perspiration. The water-based cleanser will then truly wash and remove any residue to thoroughly purify. In fact, simple cleaning does not get rid of all the impurities. As it is not rinsed off, some residue will only be dispersed on the surface of the skin.

With double cleansing, the skin is healthy, clear and ready to receive care without having been attacked. It's a bit like eliminating all the "leftovers" that would otherwise have been mixed with the cream you're applying.


First of all, double cleansing allows you to clean the skin very effectively, deeply without irritating it. Thus clean and fresh, the active ingredients of the treatments penetrate better, which boosts their effectiveness.

But double cleansing is also a youthful gesture: by ridding the skin of all the impurities that clog it and clog it at the end of the day, it is better oxygenated and breathes properly. She can put all her nighttime repair processes into action. The night care active ingredients then ensure optimal regeneration. The skin is more rested, smoother and more radiant when you wake up.

In addition, with its two distinct steps, double cleansing better respects the skin's hydrolipidic film. It slows down the loss of water and lipids from the epidermis to prevent fine lines and the wrinkled appearance of thirsty and dry skin.

In certain cases, double cleansing can also prove to be an unexpected solution to soothe intolerant skin that just needs to be freed from the impurities that attack it. This very virtuous “beautiful skin” makeup removal can be practiced at any age to obtain clearer and simply healthier skin.

Instructions for use for the face

This technique may be called “double cleansing,” but it doesn’t take twice as long, rest assured. The two steps follow each other quite naturally:
• Double cleaning, step 1:
Simply apply the oil or makeup remover balm ( Metamorphose Balm ) by massaging the face with your fingertips to thin the texture. This gesture allows you to remove all greasy particles, even the most stubborn ones such as waterproof formula residue, but also all the components of pollution and sun filters. Then remove the excess with a glove or a damp reusable wipe.

• Double cleaning, step 2:
Then apply the micellar water or rinse-off cleanser to the face according to its instructions. Massage for a few seconds to let the cleansing agents act, then rinse with clean water until the product has completely disappeared. Note: there are micellar waters that can be used with or without rinsing ( Lactated Micellar Water ). Then dry the skin gently by patting with a cloth before applying treatments adapted to the skin type.

For what type of skin?

Double cleansing is suitable for all skin types. Indeed, there is a belief that oily skin should avoid oiliness and limit itself to the use of astringent cleansing products. But the latter strip the oily skin which, in response, will produce... even more sebum as a reaction and to defend itself! So if oily skin relies on treatments with light, non-greasy formulas, this is not the case for cleansing products. An oil allows you to clean oily skin very well, without greasing it or attacking it!

In addition, double cleansing deeply rids the skin of impurities that could clog pores and lead to blackheads and imperfections. A serious asset for oily and combination skin.

Finally, dry or sensitive skin is enveloped in softness when removing makeup with oil or balm, which prevents irritation. The rinse-off cleanser is chosen based on skin type. It thus perfects an effective double cleansing routine which preserves the hydrolipidic film, calms redness and soothes tightness.

The right time, the right frequency

Double cleansing is practiced on a daily basis, especially if your skin is exposed to pollution, whether to fine particles in the city or pesticides in the countryside. It is also an ideal method for winter sports or at the beach when layering sunscreen: it allows you to get rid of sun filters and the impurities that are stuck to them at the end of the day after sweating.

Finally, the double cleansing technique is recommended when the skin is oilier during the cycle, because it is better cleansed and oxygenated with the succession of two gentle cleansing products than with just one that is too astringent. Double cleansing is also necessary when the skin dries out and needs comfort during the menopause period.

The right products to use and how?

For oil-based makeup removal, use a makeup remover oil or balm that allows you to massage the face well while dissolving all the attached oily particles. In fact, fat can only dissolve with fat. The balm can also turn into milk on contact with water.

For phase 2 of double cleansing, choose the cleanser to rinse off according to skin type, such as a cleansing cream to calm redness and soothe the itching sensations well known for reactive skin. Conversely, for combination or oily skin, use a foaming gel with anti-bacterial active ingredients for a feeling of freshness and clarity, without irritating the skin.

Finally, to remember, micellar water which removes makeup and cleanses while soothing.

As a general rule, opt for dermo-cosmetic cleansing products, tested under dermatological control which respect the pH and microbiota of all skin, including the most sensitive.


When to double cleanse?

Double cleansing can be practiced daily to cleanse the skin in depth or occasionally when it is exposed to a large quantity of impurities (pollution, makeup, waterproof textures, sun filters).

How to properly double cleanse?

You must first use a makeup remover with an oily base such as an oil or balm and massage it well to dissolve all particles of pollution or makeup. Then, “rinse” it with water by washing your face with a formula adapted to your skin type or even micellar water.

The difference between facial cleansing and double cleansing?

When you clean the skin in a traditional way with a single product, this technique risks not being enough or, on the contrary, being too stripping. By using an oily makeup remover first to remove greasy and thick impurities, then a rinse-off cleanser, we ensure that the skin is perfectly free of impurities, oxygenated and clean before applying the treatments.