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At the origin of the power of Mother-of-Pearl

À l’origine du pouvoir de la Nacre

At the origin of the power of Mother-of-Pearl

The pearl oyster, Pinctada maxima , this inhabitant of warm, transparent Indo-Pacific waters, teaches us a valuable lesson about the beauty and resilience of human skin. Just as human beings build their skeleton to protect themselves, molluscs, lacking an internal skeleton, develop a robust shell, acting as a natural shield to defend themselves against external attacks.

This fascinating process, called “ controlled biomineralization ,” is the key to the formation of nacre. Mother-of-pearl, or “mother-of-pearl,” is an exceptional material that also makes up cultured pearls. It is created by a consortium of biological actors within the mollusk, allowing the formation of an extremely stable and resistant brick and mortar structure.

bricks and mortars diagram

This extraordinary biomaterial plays a role similar to the human skin barrier , protecting the individual from external aggressions. It's fascinating to see how the brick-and-mortar structure of nacre can be compared to human skin with keratinocytes organizing to form the epidermis, the surface layer of the skin.

NACRE ACTIVE-NACR-45® , an organo-mineral ingredient, acts on the epidermis by stimulating the secretion of filaggrin , a key element of intercorneocyte cement. This cohesion is crucial for the permeability of the epidermis, because it forms a protective skin barrier against external attacks, just as the shell of molluscs protects their fragility.

Among the organic components contained in active Mother-of-pearl, there are valuable lipids which contribute to the composition of the skin's hydrolipidic film. This film is essential for maintaining skin hydration and protecting it against dehydration, helping to preserve its natural radiance.

In direct contact with the superficial layers of the skin, NACRE ACTIVE-NACR-45® thus offers natural protection. All our active mother-of-pearl products are designed to help you protect, preserve and reveal the natural beauty of your skin.