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Our Regenerating Moisturizing Cream is a long-lasting treatment that hydrates...



Metamorphose Balm perfectly removes make-up and cleanses the skin. Detoxified,...

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The brand

Stronger skin

Our vision of skin health is simple: beautiful skin is skin that is armed to protect itself from external aggression, as well as to repair its own wounds. That's why we've imagined and designed skin care products enriched with Active Mother-of-Pearl, which has proven its effectiveness in strengthening and restoring the cutaneous barrier, as well as in repairing and regenerating the skin.

Les différents types de peau - Peau normale - Blue Skincare

Healthier skin

Whether healthy or dysfunctional, the skin needs protection against dysbiosis (imbalance of the cutaneous microbiota). All our topical skincare products contain pre- and post-biotics, to nourish the good bacteria and enable the cutaneous microbiota to play its role as a protective surface biofilm, in collaboration with the hydrolipidic film. Our dietary supplements contain pro- and prebiotics to rebalance the intestinal microbiota.

Nourished skin from within

The skin needs essential macro- and micronutrients to function properly. We offer an integrative approach to skin health, with topical skincare products and dietary supplements working in synergy. The action of Blue Skincare products will be enhanced tenfold by the adoption of a quality diet and healthy lifestyle, documented in our blog.

Our vision

1. Keeping our promises
To make available to as many people as possible effective, clean skin care products that repair, strengthen and regenerate the skin.

2. Respecting the environment
Contribute to protecting the oceans with formulas that respect marine ecosystems.

3. Educate and awaken (eco)consciences
Awaken (eco)consciences with scoring tools and expert information for the general public.

We are driven by the ambition to offer everyone strong, resilient skin, armed to repair its wounds. To achieve this, we offer innovative skincare routines promoting repair and regeneration*, based on active mother-of-pearl. Convinced of mother-of-pearl's considerable potential, we are determined to explore it relentlessly to ultimately offer new, effective and safe therapeutic approaches in dermatology. We are committed to designing and manufacturing, in France, sustainable products to help protect the oceans.

* superficial layers of the epidermis