The brand

BLUE SKINCARE is a subsidiary of MEGA BIOPHARMA, a Group founded in 2009 by Joel Drai to put forth decades of Nacre (mother-of-pearl) research, led by two dental surgeons, Doctors Serge and Georges CAMPRASSE, and to offer cutting-edge therapeutic solutions in dental surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and dermatology. The Group’s patented technology has made it possible to develop two exclusive active ingredients derived from Nacre (mother-of-pearl), for skin repair and regeneration: NACR-45® and NACR-125® act to make the skin stronger and more resilient, capable of repairing its wounds. BLUE SKINCARE dermo-cosmetic and nutraceutical products have been designed to provide optimal efficiency and safety, without harming the ocean, keeping the healing properties of the ocean alive for future generations. They are the result of a strict Clean Beauty charter.