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This gelled milky water, rich in gentle cleansing micelles, is ideal for double cleansing. Gently rids the skin of impurities. Result: clear, fresh and radiant skin after each use.

✔ Enriched with BIONACRE®, balancing pre & postbiotics.

✔ Face, eyes, lips

✔ Yuka rating: 100/100

Ideal for dull skin lacking radiance.

Not suitable or sensitive skin or rosacea skin.

Prioritize the usewithout cotton.This product may cause temporary redness.If redness persists, rinse thoroughly and discontinue use.


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Patented technology. BIONACRE®. Dermatologically tested. Patented technology. BIONACRE®. Dermatologically tested.



Favor it cell renewal skin

Strengthens the skin barrier

Anti-oxidant properties


Coming from an association of prebiotic fiber chicory and sugar

Nourishes the good bacteria that protect the skin

Promote the symbiosis between the skin and the skin microbiota


A skin regenerated and more resistant

Promotes barrier function and cellular cohesion.

Balances, supports and protects the skin microbiota.


Protects the skin thanks to its content of antioxidants

Soothes and softens

Regenerates and revitalizes


Remineralizes the skin thanks to its richness in trace elements

Prevents skin dehydration

Reduces skin irritation

Test results

Respectful cleaning & make-up removal

The volunteers said:


The product removes makeup effectively


The product gently cleanses


The product frees the skin from impurities and eliminates traces of pollution

Usage test under dermatological control on 21 volunteers, 1 application per day for 28 days. Self evaluation.

Radiance & freshness of the complexion

After application, volunteers reported:


The complexion instantly appears fresher


The skin texture is tightened


Overall, the skin is brighter

Usage test under dermatological control on 21 volunteers, 1 application per day for 28 days. Self evaluation.

Clear & soothed skin

After application, volunteers reported:


The skin is clear


The skin is soothed


The skin is softer

Usage test under dermatological control on 21 volunteers, 1 application per day for 28 days. Self evaluation.


The volunteers said:


The texture is light


The product leaves a non-sticky finish


The scent is pleasant

Usage test under dermatological control on 21 volunteers, 1 application per day for 28 days. Self evaluation.


BIONACRE®'s unique manufacturing technology keeps the active elements of our ingredients intact, allowing them to deploy their full repairing power at the heart of the epidermis. The regenerative potential of mother-of-pearl is now bio-available in Blue Skincare products.

Directions for use

How to apply it?

Apply with your fingertips or using a cotton pad (preferably reusable) to the face, eyes and lips.
With or without rinsing, with lukewarm water.

In case of sensitivity, we advise you to rinse the product with lukewarm water

When using for the first time, press the pump several times to prime it.

Double cleaning

Make-up removal with milky gel
Using circular massages, the milky gel enriched with micelles will trap impurities present on the surface of the skin: dead cells, excess sebum, pollution, makeup. Its transformation into water will dislodge them.

Rinsing with water
The secret to clear and soothed skin. Rinsing with lukewarm water, so as not to disturb the skin cells, will dissolve and eliminate impurities and cleansing agents responsible for irritation and tightness. The skin is gently purified.

How to take off make up well ?

The cleansing-makeup removal step is essential to maintain luminous skin and a fresh complexion every day.
To properly remove makeup and transform this step into a real moment of care and relaxation, we advise you to massage your face with the tips of the fingers: impurities are gently dislodged and micro-circulation is activated. Perfectly cleansed, the skin relaxes and your features relax.


The power of Nacre

Baume Métamorphose NACRE ÉCLAT - Blue Skincare

Frequently asked questions

Is Milky Micellar Water effective on waterproof makeup?

To remove waterproof makeup, we advise you to first use the Metamorphosis Balm which removes the most stubborn makeup. We then recommend that you refine your makeup removal using Milky Micellar Water.

What is the difference between classic micellar water and Milky Micellar Water?

Highly concentrated in detergents, classic micellar waters tend to alter the hydro-lipid film and tighten the skin.
Our Milky Micellar Water is composed of ultra-gentle cleansing agents because they are non-foaming. Its milky texture allows it to be applied with a washable cotton wipe or by massaging with the fingers for even more softness. Enriched with vegetable oil, impurities are dislodged while respecting the skin film. It will delight all skin types, even the driest and most sensitive.
The secret to perfectly cleansed skin without tightness? Do not neglect the rinsing step.
To complete the makeup removal & cleansing routine, spray the Isotonic Mother of Pearl Water, essential pre-serum to condition the skin to receive care.

Is it suitable for contact lens wearers?

Yes, you can absolutely use Milky Micellar Water with your lenses on your eyes. You just have to be careful to do not rub too hard when applying to the eyes, otherwise your lenses may move.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Micellar technology

Like magnets, micelles are capable of trap impurities present on the surface of the skin. Like a match, they are made up of two parts: a hydrophilic head (attracted to water) and a lipophilic tail (attracted to fat).

When these micelles come into contact with the skin, the tail clings to fatty impurities (make-up, pollution, sebum) and the head will cling to sweat: the particles are thus trapped and remain attached to the cotton or wipe reusable.


I have been using it for 2 weeks

"I've been using it for 2 weeks and my skin is visibly clearer. Incredible texture on the face"


Putting on makeup becomes possible again

"Putting on makeup becomes possible again because removing makeup is once again a moment of pleasure. My skin does not feel tight, the makeup is removed without the need for rubbing. The best"


Perfect for my skin thank you

“Perfect for my skin thank you very much and I became aware of your products thanks to the commercial collaboration with Hilona so perfect”