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Removes make-up, cleanses and softens - 125ml Makeup remover Cleaner

Metamorphose Balm perfectly removes make-up and cleanses the skin. Detoxified, it is clean, soft and comfortable. This cleanser-makeup remover offers a unique sensory experience. #MetamorphosisBalmAddicted


✔ Enriched with BIONACRE®

✔ Removes waterproof makeup

✔ Face, eyes and lips

✔ Yuka rating: 100/100

Ideal for : All skin types, normal to combination skin, dry to atopic skin, dysfunctional skin, sensitive skin. Not suitable for blotchy skin

Thanks to its generous triple texture, this balm transforms into a silky milk as soon as it comes into contact with water, offering a make-up removal experience that's both effective and pleasant.


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Patented technology. BIONACRE®. Dermatologically tested. Patented technology. BIONACRE®. Dermatologically tested.



Favor it cell renewal skin

Strengthens the skin barrier

Anti-oxidant properties


A skin regenerated and more resistant

Promotes barrier function and cellular cohesion.

Balances, supports and protects the skin microbiota.


Coming from an association of prebiotic fiber chicory and sugar

Nourishes the good bacteria that protect the skin

Promote the symbiosis between the skin and the skin microbiota


Effectively eliminates waterproof makeup and impurities

Promotes skin elasticity

Nourishes & hydrates


Give backglowwith dull skin

Softens andsoothesthe skin

Decongests the eye area

Test results

Respectful cleaning & make-up removal

For users*:


The product removes waterproof makeup

The product gently cleanses

The product frees the skin from impurities

*Use test under dermatological control on 22 volunteers, 1 application per day for 28 days. Self evaluation.

Soft & comfortable skin

For users*:


The product softens the skin

After application, the skin feels supple and comfortable

*Use test under dermatological control on 22 volunteers, 1 application per day for 28 days. Self evaluation.

Anti-pollution cleaner

For users*:


anti-pollution cleaning power

*Instrumental measurement of anti-pollution cleaning capacity on 22 volunteers.

Radiance & freshness of the complexion

For users*:


The skin is brighter

The skin texture is tightened and the complexion is instantly fresher

*Use test under dermatological control on 22 volunteers, 1 application per day for 28 days. Self evaluation.


For users*:


The product is pleasant to use

The product is easy to rinse

After rinsing, the finish on the skin is non-sticky

The scent is pleasant

*Use test under dermatological control on 22 volunteers, 1 application per day for 28 days. Self evaluation.


BIONACRE®'s unique manufacturing technology keeps the active elements of our ingredients intact, allowing them to deploy their full repairing power at the heart of the epidermis. The regenerative potential of mother-of-pearl is now bio-available in Blue Skincare products.

Directions for use

How to apply it?

Time 1: massage Metamorphose Balm onto dry skin until the balm transforms into oil.

Time 2: emulsify with lukewarm water, the oil turns into milk.

Time 3: rinse thoroughly.

Face, eyes and lips.

Double cleaning

Makeup removal with oil
Through circular massages, the balm transforms into oil and removes impurities present on the surface of the skin: dead cells, excess sebum, pollution, even waterproof makeup.

Rinsing with water
Adding water will form an emulsion, dissolve impurities and cleansing agents and facilitate rinsing (ideally with lukewarm water so as not to disturb the skin cells). The skin is gently purified.

How to take off make up well ?

The cleansing-makeup removal step is essential to maintain luminous skin and a fresh complexion every day.
To properly remove makeup and transform this step into a real moment of care and relaxation, we advise you to massage your face with the tips of the fingers: impurities are gently dislodged and micro-circulation is activated. Perfectly cleansed, the skin relaxes and your features relax.


The power of Nacre

Baume Métamorphose NACRE ÉCLAT - Blue Skincare

Frequently asked questions

Is it suitable for contact lens wearers?

Yes, you can absolutely use the Metamorphose Balm with your lenses on your eyes. You just have to be careful to do not rub too hard when applying to the eyes, otherwise your lenses may move.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Why is it so important to remove makeup?

Careful makeup removal every evening before going to bed is essential tomaintain healthy skin and a fresh complexion. Even if you don't wear makeup, cleansing your skin is essential for two reasons. The first is that we live in a polluted environment; the skin absorbs all pollution particles, not visible to the naked eye. The second is that your skin is alive! It produces sebum, it regenerates (skin flaking on the surface), it reacts to the stress of daily life, etc. Cleaning it in the evening is thereforeallow him to breathe well at night, to find it clear when you wake up.

I like to use cleansing oils because I have dry skin, is Metamorphose Balm for me?

Yes, this is exactly the product you need, because in reality,it’s an oil hiding behind a balm ! You will see how the balm melts under your fingers when spread, the texture transforms into oil which stretches and nourishes the skin, while removing impurities very effectively. You will love it.

D-Phase gel technology

It's about ainnovative emulsificationfrom Japan which consists of producing a transparent gelled micro-emulsion. It is very concentrated in oil and is coupled with a complex of surfactants derived from sugars (mild cleansing agents), vegetable glycerin and a tiny quantity of water. Thissugar jellywith a balm texture and an ultra-rich feel, it is transformed into an oil by massage.

On contact with a very small quantity of water, the oil will instantly transform into a milky emulsion.


Guaranteed soft skin afterwards

“Soft skin guaranteed after the first use!”


Best makeup remover!

"This balm is great, it removes makeup perfectly with its melting texture, and does not leave the skin greasy. Really great"


It's one of the best balms

“This is one of the best balms I have tried! I recommend The skin is soft and radiant”