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Skin nutrition

Skin nutrition

Combination, dry, dehydrated, prone to acne or showing signs of aging... All skin – and whatever its age – needs daily nutrition to be healthy, stay comfortable, young and maintain their shine. It is necessary to provide them with care that contributes as much to their hydration as to their nutrition.

To stay healthy every day, the skin needs to be perfectly nourished (with fat) and hydrated (with water). This involves both external and internal contributions: this is what we call in & out beauty. Internally, this corresponds to our diet and our consumption of liquids (drinks, fruits, vegetables among others). Externally, we are obviously talking about topical treatments that we apply to the skin and which help to make it soft, plump and protected from external aggressions.

Moreover, it is important not to confuse moisturizing your skin with
feed it, because these are two different actions and two different needs.

Why should you nourish the skin?

The epidermis needs to be nourished daily so as not to dry out and become uncomfortable. When this is the case, we notice that it very quickly loses its natural shine, like a plant or vegetable which becomes devitalized. But that's not all. Being enriched with nourishing agents such as ceramides and lipids is also the guarantee of toned and supple skin: it is capable of self-producing its elastin and collagen fibers. As a result, it is firm and elastic. This is how it best manages to resist external aggressions such as wind, cold, pollution, sun rays... Nourishing your skin is therefore essential.

The causes of dry skin

They can have multiple origins: genetic, age-related, hormonal conditions or even vitamin deficiencies. Skin dryness can be circumstantial, that is to say linked to unfavorable weather conditions (cold or intense UV rays) or even be the result of too frequent washing or with treatments that are too aggressive for the skin. Certain areas of the body, less rich in sebaceous glands - such as the hands, elbows, knees, feet - are also naturally drier.

Signs of skin that needs nourishment

In general, poorly nourished skin is terribly lacking in radiance: it tends towards grey, it looks dull. This is mainly due to the fact that she needs nutrients. Skin in need of nutrition will also present an advanced state of dryness: lack of softness, fine lines or even wrinkles from dryness or even scabs... are some of the symptoms that it can display.

How to properly nourish the skin?

With a cosmetic product

Products dedicated to nourishing the skin can take different forms: oil, light or creamy cream, serum, mist... On the active side, the allies of skin lacking nutrition will be nutrients, pre- and postbiotics, ceramides, but also oils or butters of plant origin (macadamia, shea, sesame, coconut, etc.) and vitamins.

The most recommended vitamins? Vitamin A which ensures good cell cohesion and vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, ideal for repairing the driest skin, but also B3 or Niacinamide.

If your skin is dry and/or fragile, avoid mechanical exfoliating treatments (favor chemical exfoliations) or those containing drying or irritating active ingredients in their formula such as alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate. Prefer a regenerating daily treatment enriched with active mother-of-pearl powder (NACR-45®) to strengthen the skin barrier, with hydrating and ultra-gentle exfoliating lactic acid to boost cell renewal and revive radiance (to be discovered in the Eau de Isotonic Nacre NACRE ÉCLAT , the mist serum for busy women from BLUE SKINCARE).

With a specific diet

Taking care of your skin by applying treatments regularly is good. Paying attention to what you eat every day to do good for your body is also a good thing! And for good reason, skin nutrition takes place as much from the inside as from the outside. To be consumed as a priority for beautiful, well-nourished, soft and plump skin: foods rich in omega 3 and 6, vitamins and nutrients. On the other hand, we skip as much as possible products from the processed industry, rich in sugar or sweeteners, additives, acids or containing alcohol.

In addition to a balanced diet, and in case of dry skin, it is possible to supplement with supplementation in the form of food supplements. These are often combinations of vegetable oils (evening primrose, borage, sesame, etc.) or vitamins. There are also more complete associations with regenerating components rich in amino acids and calcium (NACR-125®), pre, pro and postbiotics, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and zinc (BLUE SKINCARE Skin Perfecting Food Supplement).

Nourish your skin: the importance of cleansing

Clean skin with refined skin texture absorbs more, better and faster nutritional, regenerating and moisturizing active ingredients. Choose non-stripping cleansers because once the hydrolipidic film is altered, the application of the treatment will be much less effective. Indeed, this natural layer of sebum protects the epidermis and preserves cells from dehydration. It is important to select a dermocosmetic brand formulated for all skin types, even sensitive ones, which respects the pH of the skin and its skin microbiota.
But depending on the time of day, cleaning is not carried out in the same way and with the same products.
In the morning for example, we assume that the skin is not very dirty. A single product can be enough, such as micellar water. The latter will eliminate impurities present on the skin.
In the evening, on the contrary, the skin needs a deep cleansing after a day in contact with pollution, the skin has sweated or possibly applied makeup. For perfect skin cleansing, the two-step double makeup removal technique is ideal. We recommend cleansing and makeup remover products from the NACRE ÉCLAT range. A first make-up removing phase with a greasy or even oily treatment ( Metamorphose Balm) , removes impurities and make-up particles. Then a second cleansing step with a rinse-off treatment ( Milky Micellar Water ) frees the skin from all impurities.


How to nourish the skin well?

The most important thing is to apply treatments with a high concentration of nutrients and lipids, key elements of nutrition and regeneration. If your skin is dry or the weather is particularly icy outside, apply a serum in the morning followed by a protective cream. In the evening, when the cells will be most receptive to regeneration, favor lighter textures that are ultra-concentrated in nourishing and regenerating active ingredients.

How to nourish the skin from the inside?

It is important to drink throughout the day (plain or sparkling water, sugar-free herbal tea) between 1.5 and 2L, in addition to the water provided by food. Limit tea and coffee as they are dehydrating. Bet on foods containing nutrients, good fats or lipids (oily fish, vegetable oils, dried fruits, etc.). On the other hand, limit sugar, absolutely deleterious for the skin and its health.

Which skin types need nutrition?

Dry skin is the one that needs the most nourishment, which requires the application of treatments rich in nourishing agents, but also perfect oral hydration. If the epidermis is dull or lacks suppleness, this is also a sign that she feels a lack of nutrition. Finally, skin prone to atopic dermatitis (or atopic eczema not to be confused with contact eczema) also often presents an advanced state of dryness with scales and itching.