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All our treatments are enriched with BIONACRE®, whose regenerative and restorative powers have been scientifically demonstrated.

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Acitve Nacre

The unique manufacturing technology of BIONACRE® keeps the active elements of our ingredients intact, allowing them to deploy their full repairing power at the heart of the epidermis. The regenerative potential of mother-of-pearl is now bio-available in Blue Skincare products.

Technology patented by MEGA BIOPHARMA

After years of research into the properties of different types of mother-of-pearl, Doctors Serge and Georges Camprasse selected a particular type of oyster: Pinctada maxima.

Their work led to the development of a revolutionary natural active ingredient derived from mother-of-pearl. Whether in solid, compact, powder or liquid extract form, it promotes tissue repair and regeneration. To protect this innovative technology, MEGA BIOPHARMA has deployed a strong, long-term patent registration strategy in over 40 countries.

BIONACRE® Blue Skincare's active ingredient, NACRE ACTIVE-NACR-45® (topical skincare) and NACRE ACTIVE-NACR-125® (dietary supplement), are exclusive ingredients developed and manufactured in the Group's production unit.

Scientifically proven effectiveness

With BIONACRE®, skin is stronger
- Reinforces the cutaneous barrier of normal skin and improves radiance of the complexion

- Restores the damaged cutaneous barrier of dry, dysfunctional skin

With BIONACRE®, skin is armed to repair its wounds
- Helps regenerate the epidermis of damaged skin, with high-quality reconstitution

All test results

Mother-of-pearl composition

Mother-of-pearl is 100% natural, composed of organic and mineral matter:

- Organic matter represents 3% of the shell's total composition and is particularly rich in complex lipids (cholesterol, fatty acids, triglycerides, squalene-like lipids, ceramides).

- The mineral matter is calcium carbonate (in the form of crystallized aragonite) and represents up to 97% of the shell.

Mother-of-pearl is acellular. It therefore contains no animal residues (Marin et al. 2020).

Mother-of-pearl has a lamellar brick-and-cement structure. The intimate association between Mother-of-Pearl's mineral and organic matrices results in an "ultrastructure", in which the aragonite crystals are like the bricks of a wall, and the organic fraction is the cement that binds them together. This structure is similar to that of the stratum corneum, whose bricks (the corneocytes) are bound together by intercorneocyte cement.

Mother-of-pearl & ancient pharmacopoeias

Mother-of-pearl is an integral part of ancient pharmacopoeia.

In traditional Chinese medicine, mother-of-pearl is used for cosmetic purposes: women rubbed their faces with polished mother-of-pearl to promote blood circulation.

In Central America, the Mayans made mother-of-pearl teeth, which they successfully implanted, and used mother-of-pearl-based skin preparations to regenerate and repair the skin.

Responsible sourcing

Upcycling the shells

First used by the pearl industry (pearl trade), Pinctada maxima mother-of-pearl shells are then discarded. MEGA BIOPHARMA reuses the Nacre from these shells for skin repair purposes.

A species not threatened with extinction

The Pinctada maxima species was selected by Dr. Camprasse for its resistant structure, rich composition and creamy white color.

  • Pinctada maxima is not on the list of endangered species of wild fauna and flora in Annex 13 of the Washington Convention on International Trade;
  • regulations authorize the reproduction of Pinctada maxima in aquaculture farms;
  • the cultivation of Pinctada maxima is economically favorable to the countries where it is grown.