The present cookie policy applies to all visits to the merchant website.

What is a cookie or tracker?

Cookies or tracers are text files that make it possible to record the user's visit and activity on websites. These files are stored on the user's terminal (such as a computer, smartphone or tablet) or browser. Only the sender of a cookie or tracker and authorized persons are likely to read or modify the information contained therein.

The term "cookie" encompasses the following elements:

  • HTTP cookies ;
  • Flash" cookies;
  • The result of a fingerprint calculation in the case of "fingerprinting";
  • Invisible pixels or "web bugs";
  • Any other identifier generated by software or an operating system.
These files serve a variety of purposes and are widely used by websites. They ensure that the site functions properly, improve navigation, and provide the site owners with certain information, particularly in terms of audience measurement.

What cookies do we use and why?

Technical cookies, necessary for site operation:
These are cookies that are essential for browsing our site, enabling you to use the main features of the Sites and to secure your connection. Without these cookies, you won't be able to use the sites normally, and you won't be able to access them.